Best Nature Walks in Uganda 

If peaceful walks are more your speed, than read on to find out about good areas for nature walks in Uganda. 

Walk among the zebra’s in Lake Mburo National Park – If you’re looking for walking safari in Uganda, Lake Mburo should not be skipped on your road trip. Coking from Kampala, the park lies en-route in between Bwindi and Queen Elizabeth National. If you’d like to get off your feet, there are also options to explore the park by horseback or on mountain bikes.

Sipi Falls is a peaceful and pretty spot and offers gentle walks in the surrounding hills. You can also take a day hike from the main waterfall to three smaller falls that are upstream. Both options will offer amazing waterfall views and sweeping valley landscapes. Sipi also has a variety of accommodation options, ranging from upmarket to more budget options.

You’ll need a guide to be able to access some of the key sites and to enjoy coffee tours. Think of it as a nice way to support the local landowners and community.

To admire some lake scenery on your hike, try out Lake Bunyonyi. The trail starts from Crater Bay near Bunyonyi overland camp, where you take a relaxing 40-minute canoe ride to get to the starting point. Your walk will take you through local communities and villages where you can wave hello to the locals.

For the Dedicated Athlete: Try a Triathlon in Uganda

If you’re ready for the ultimate physical challenge – there are fantastic triathlon options available in Uganda.

Kyaninga Triathlon – usually happens in May and includes swimming across a crater lake, cycling through villages, and a run through the Rwenzori hills. They do 1/8 and olympic distances. Once you’re finished, you can rest your feet at the stunning Kyaninga Lodge.

Does a triathlon seem too much? You can also opt for two out of three activities, or just run the 5 km. Proceeds from the triathlon go to children living with disabilities in Uganda. Check their site for more info and to subscribe. 

Activate Uganda – offers a variety of thrilling and challenging activities. They host events throughout the year that include running, mountain biking, swimming, and other multi-sport events. Browse their exciting event calendar here.

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