Canoe and Hiking at Lake Bunyonyi 

Canoe trekking, a combination of dugout canoeing and hiking, was started by a Bunyonyi-based social enterprise Edirisa. These trips are a small-scale alternative to commercial tourism, for a traveller who wishes to treat the cultures and natural environment with special respect and learn something on the way. 

Canoe treks on Bunyonyi are not as much about adventure tourism as they are about community /cultural travel. Hiking and paddling is a means to get to villages and areas that nobody else visits. Accommodation is tented but in many cases upgrades are possible.

Trips Available(Bushara & Miracle Islands and Cultural Tour)

  • 2-hour Touch of Bunyonyi (from USD 15) shows you Edirisa and the green paradise of Bushara Island.
  • 5-hour Culture on the Crest (from USD 40) leads you to the peaks of Kyabahinga for superb views, a nursery, an herbalist and a craftmaker
  • 1-day Islands of Miracles (from USD 90) and visits to three special islands to Culture on the Crest.

Trips Available(Bushara and Miracle Island and Cultural Tour)

  • 2-day Mama Bena Bonus (from USD 180) which  includes getting to know all major islands, climbing Karembe Hill, staying with the famous Mama Bena and meeting Batwa Pygmies
  • 3-day Mother of All Treks (from USD 230) and a morning with a craftmaker.