Commitment to Sustainability

As a tour operator and founder member of ESTOA with a focus on sustainability, all Manya Africa Tours are following sustainable tourism standards. In times of climate change and times where we have to face countless images of nature and wildlife suffering under a destructive human behavior, it is more important than ever to take over responsibility.
On our safaris we do not provide any drinking water in plastic bottles, due to
negative impact of plastic on the environment, which is by now common knowledge. We do however provide re-usable stainless steel bottles to every
traveler and assure that more sustainable refill opportunities are provided at any time.
To reduce the carbon footprint that is created by touring Uganda, Manya Africa Tours plants one tree in protected areas for every traveler. Apart of equalizing the carbon emissions, this creates new shelter and food sources for wildlife. Additionally, on request clients are able to calculate their carbon footprint for the flight and purchase more trees to be planted in those protected areas.
Preserving cultural heritage is an important part of sustainable tourism and is
therefore always part of our tours too. Additionally, Manya Africa Tours will always include community activities to create income opportunities for the local people.


Sustainability is not only key element of the Manya Africa Tours, but also part of our everyday business. The Manya Africa office runs as much as possible paperless and the team keeps working on sustainable and innovative marketing and branding options in order to reduce on the massive amounts of flyers and other items produced by companies.