Ishasha Uplift Program

Ishasha Uplift program in the South of Queen Elizabeth National Park

Ishasha Community Uplift Group has been initiated up by ourselves and the Ishasha community to provide help to the local agricultural communities around the camp who live on the fringes of Queen Elizabeth National Park and fight a continual battle between growing their crops and the game incursions which raid them as an easy source of food. Assistance is provided with their locally made craft products being marketed at Ishasha Wilderness Camp, simple training for rural healthy living, saving schemes and small loan administration as well as providing guidance for larger funding that is available for such communities.

From a visitor perspective we also offer locally guided tours for visitors of a few of the homesteads including:-

  • 2019 Trench & Model Homestead Tour
  • 2019 Taste of Uganda Tour

This tour is charged $30/person & can easily be fitted in most itineraries 

Visiting Homesteads provides a wonderful opportunity for you to see how rural Ugandans live. Moreover, they are just off the Bwindi-Ishasha Road, so these tours can easily be fitted into most itineraries.