Meet the Batwa of Bwindi Impenetrable

The first people to live in Bwindi Imprenetrable Forest

Bwindi Forest is a habitat to the Mountain Gorillas, mammals, primates, birds, trees. Its a nature rain forest of montane low land forest which is located southwestern part of Uganda. But history behind Bwindi forest has it that Batwa were first people who lived in the forest and these are the Batwa people also called the Batwa pygmies.

They lived, hunted and gathered in the forest, the forest provided whatever they needed to have in life, but later on where pushed out of the forest and they started living a miserable life. 


Owning the land to them was new since they lived in harmony in the forest but due to time everything changed because of conservation and this caused the preservation of the rain forest of Bwindi and its wildlife including birds, primates, the endangered mountain Gorillas.

The Batwa trail currently costs $80 per person and takes place in Mgahinga whereas the Batwa experience costs $100 per person and takes place in Buhoma, Bwindi.