Our Team-Friendly and Well Trained

All our tours are managed by our own friendly and well-trained staff or by our carefully selected certified partners to ensure unique and highly personalized travel experiences supported by an exceptional level of customer service.

“Our International team has over 10 years of experience in the field of tourism and the best of both worlds”


We thrive to leave this world a better place than we found it by creating unforgettable holiday experiences for our guests, which create knowledge and a platform of exchange and respect between the hosts and visitors. We also try to find as many ways as possible to reduce our carbon foot print while travelling.


We offer unique nature and community based tourism experiences. We tailor your dream holiday together with you after your special ideas, wishes, time frame and budget. Our local guides are highly experienced and well trained. We support many wildlife and community projects. And try to give back with every step of our safari.

Our Impact Model

We believe that travel has the power to transform. Extraordinary experiences give you and our local partners knowledge and a platform of exchange and growth. Through your support we are able to work close with Wildlife protection and community projects together.

Our Business Purpose


  • To offer more community based and wildlife protection programs and to combine the traditional safari with the two above.
  • To offer more tailor made programs with a very short response time

Your added value: better and faster communication, highly trained guides, better value and security of the customers money, during the safari and better customer care, protection of nature and community values

Owner of Manya Africa Tours Limited

Yvonne Hilgendorf, Dipl. Geography

Yvonne has worked for different hotels and tour companies in Uganda as Director of Sales and Business Development Manager and helped them to develop into most efficient teams and very successful businesses. As a German native having lived and worked in Uganda for the last 10 years and her wealth of experience, she can proudly be called Senior Travel Consultant.

She holds a Diploma in Tourism Geography, Economics and Psychology of University Trier, Germany. She lived and worked in communities in Ruboni, Ruwenzori Mountains, Bigodi Wetlands, Kibale Nationalpark and Bushara Island, Lake Bunyonyi in order to research for her thesis and published a book out of it with the title “Community-based Tourism als Form des nachhaltigen Tourismus in Uganda” in Germany.

Now it is time to make her dream come true of having her own Tour company and travel consultancy based in Uganda and dealing with travel arrangements within the whole of East Africa.Through 10 years’ experience in the tourism industry of Uganda and many travels to other East African Countries she is very familiar with Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania. Her dream is to bring the beautiful and colorful but authentic side of Africa close to her clients from all over the world.

Head of Logistics and Field Guide

Kizito Joseph Carlos

Carlos was born in 1978 in Kampala and is one of the best driver guides in Uganda.From July 2012 he has been a free-lance guide for several tour companies in Uganda and Kenya. He knows all different National Parks and Reserves from top to down and he loves planning and organising safaris within whole East Africa. Carlos is an expert in finding leopards and therefore called the “Leopard Man”.

He loves the nature and wants to create valuable memorable experiences for our clients. At the same time, he wishes to keep the good image and reputation of the company.

Fishing and Birding Guide Specialist

Patrick Atima

Patrick is working with us since over 6 years and is a tour guide since over 10 years. He is a very professional and licenced tourist guide.He knows each and every corner of Uganda and even how to spot the tiniest birds.

Even if you would like to go fishing for the famous Nile Poarch, Patrick knows where to find them. His love for the job and his strategic planning makes him to one of the Jewels of Manya Africa Tours.

German Speaking Guide


Julius has lived in Uganda since 1991. He has been working as a guide with Manya Africa Tours since 2015.

He is one of our German Speaking guides and always on the move to get more knowledge in his field. Julius likes to research, read and travel to unknown places.

He loves his job and meeting our guests. One of his best safari experiences was when a Gorilla touched one of our guests in Kisoro.