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We like to give back and you can be part of it!
Why not include a visit to one of our many interesting projects or even volunteer in them or include extra activities in your travel itinerary and help to protect the nature, wildlife or to support local communities?

TOWANIKA Augsburg Germany

Because Uganda is still one of the poorest countries in the world. Over 38% of the population lives on less than $ 1.25 a day. An extended family often consists of 20 persons with needy relatives, AIDS orphans, etc. and forms the social network. Social insurance is a foreign word.

Although there is compulsory education for children under the age of 15, each inhabitant is entitled to 7 years of education. But many kids do not go to school today, partly because they actively contribute to a livelihood, have to take care of younger siblings or can not afford the money to go to school (material, uniform, etc …). In addition, overnight stays are necessary for long school trips.

The state health centers – so-called “Medical Care Center” – are often in a dilapidated condition and poorly equipped. The steady population growth (9th place worldwide) in turn contributes to this country has many problems. However, education is the prerequisite for finding a way out of poverty.

In order to facilitate more education in Uganda, the volunteer project TOWANIKA was formed in 2014. The term in Luganda means “NEVER GIVE UP!” The initiators are on site several times a year and take care of that help arrives directly.

For more information please follow http://towanika.com

Abalo Florence studied through senior one, then left to start a family. In 2008, at her request, Project Have Hope (PHH) enrolled Florence into a tailoring program.  Upon graduation, PHH gave her a loan to purchase a sewing machine and materials to start her own business. Despite some challenges, her business has flourished and she has been able to create a sustainable business. 

Project Have Hope, founded in 2006, empowers women in Uganda’s Acholi Quarter through educational and business initiatives.

DANA Developing a New Africa

Children have the right to live a healthy life in a safe and healthy environment. We want to open people’s minds to a clean environment and show how important this is for the human well being.

Children are curious and that’s why DANA thinks the best way is through environmental education. There is lots of research today showing that millions of children die in environment related diseases. This is an global public health problem. We will provide children and students a good foundation to build on so that they can influence their future and their opportunities for further development. We do this through a program that includes activities that will give the children desire to discover their own creativity and to feel they have learnt important knowledge. This changes attitudes and develop the society they live in.

For more information please follow http://www.danaglobal.org/about/

ZIWA Rhino and Wildlife Ranch

Ziwa Rhino and Wildlife Ranch located in Nakasongola district is the proud home of the only wild rhinos in Uganda. The Rhino re-introduction project is a project of Rhino Fund Uganda and Uganda Wildlife Authority. 

We are conveniently located 176km (100 miles) north of Kampala on the Gulu highway towards Murchison Falls (branch off at Nakitoma trading centre). Ziwa is the only place where you will be able to see rhinos in the wild.

Presently the sanctuary is home to nineteen (19) southern white rhinos. The sanctuary has become increasingly popular with tourists; for rhino trekking, bird watching, nature walks and relaxation.

For more information please follow http://www.ziwarhino.com/

Kibale Association For Rural and Environmental Development

KAFRED was formed in Bigodi in 1992. The group is an official Community Based Organization (CBO) in Uganda. Its purpose is to protect the local environment while advancing health, education and economic growth in the wider local community. John Tinka of Bigodi is an original founder and the continuing Program Manager. The group’s emblem is the great blue turaco, a majestic bird found in the Bigodi Wetlands Sanctuary.


KAFRED’s main objectives are conservation of natural and cultural resources, promotion of conservation education, and support of community development projects through tourism. Specific goals include:

  • Increased household income and standard of living.
  • Less soil and water contamination.
  • More attractive local environment for tourism.
  • Improved conservation awareness in the community.
  • Developed community projects, for example schools.
  • Reduced swamp/wetlands encroachment.
  • Increased number of tourists and income.
  • Reduced human-animal conflict.
  • Improved health and nutrition.

For more information please follow http://bigoditourism.com

Ruboni Community Camp

Where all profits go back to the local community” Ruboni Community Camp is situated at the gateway to the Rwenzori Mountains National Park. Come and experience stunning views of the mountains and witness the extraordinary wildlife unique to this region. You will be warmly welcomed by the Bakonzo community who have inhabited the foothills of the Mountains for over 300 years. We are proud to mention that, now Ruboni community camp can guide you on the – two nights three days tour – to the new Mahoma trail in the central Rwenzori. 

For more information please follow http://rubonicamp.com/ 

Rainbow House of Hope

Rainbow House of Hope Uganda- the children’s aid organization in Uganda Rainbow House of Hope Uganda (RHU) is a Ugandan non-governmental NGO working to improve the social situation of disadvantaged youth. RHU encourages disadvantaged children and adolescents to discover their own potential.

Through education, music, sports and theater, RHU seeks to provide young people with skills that will enable them to build a better future. The Rainbow House of Hope Uganda supports children and young people in difficult social and economic conditions in a small suburb of the capital Kampala. In addition, RHU is also developing its activities at the national level: it is linked to other youth initiatives that work together to fight for children’s rights and for peace and social justice, and lobby.

 For more information please follow http://www.rainbowhouse.info/

Africa Amini Alama

Africa Amini Alama is a registered non-profit association in Austria, with a branch office in Germany and a registered charity in Tanzania. It was founded as a private initiative in 2009 by the Austrian Dr. Jur. Dr. Med. Christine Wallner and has been maintained throughout the years with the support of her daughter Dr. Cornelia Wallner-Friesee.

Since its inception, Africa Amini Alama has launched a range of projects dedicated to health care, education, social care, tourism, and agriculture. Each single project is carried out on-site by a local team and supervised by Africa Amini Alama on a long-term basis. As of today, each project is financed by sponsorships and partnerships, as well as governmental aid. We are as well working to build sustainable tourism, thereby being able to create incomes made through tourism lodge rentals (Maasai Lodge, Hillside Retreat, Guest Houses, Hotelini).

In this context, the aim of Africa Amini Alama is to help to bridge the way to self-help, to provide stability and security, while promoting cultural togetherness and strengthening the foundation of future developments in the region.

For more information please follow http://africaaminialama.com/

Little Light Uganda

Creating Brighter Futures Together

OUR GOAL is to actualize the potential of marginalized people living in the slums through provision of children education, health care, women empowerment and emphasizing leadership for the youth.

We are a registered Non-Government Organization (NGO) – number 9225, under the Republic of Uganda Non-Government Organizations registration act, CAP.113

We started operating in 2007 under the collaboration of Israeli and Ugandan volunteers with a vision to provide education to the needy slum children who would otherwise not have education at all.

What started as a little light is now growing big and better with a mission to encourage and actualize the potential of children and their families in impoverished neighborhoods in Uganda through improving and developing their community by providing them with adequate opportunities for children and youth education, leadership, health care and economic growth.

Little Light operates in the slums of Namuwongo; which is also the second largest slum in Uganda with tens of thousands of people most of which are war displaced people and refugees from the northern Uganda, Congo, Burundi and Rwanda who did not have the opportunity to have camps but only to find themselves in the slums of Namuwongo as the cheapest and last resort for their stay.

For more information please follow https://www.littlelight.co.ug/