White Water Rafting and Bungee Jumping

Experience the Adrenalin Heaven during White water Rafting on the River Nile Jinja

White water rafting in Uganda is one of the adventure activities in Uganda and is done on river Nile which is Africa longest river. White water rafting is a recreational outdoor activity where people use inflatable rafts to navigate a river or other water body. The activity is usually done on white water or different degrees of rough water. It involves dealing with risk and need for teamwork is part of the experience. Some of the companies that provide rafting services in Uganda include; adrift Uganda, Nile explorers, Nalubale rafting among others. The activity can be done as a full or half day activity. The full day activity has a lot to offer and takes around 5 hours.


Rafting is done in paddle rafts with team members and a professional guides

Rafting is done in paddle rafts, each person joins as a member of a team and a professional guide leads the team. Paddlers are instructed comprehensively on how best to enjoy themselves on the water and on all aspects of safety including the use of safety kayaks which accompany every raft trip on the water. The highly trained safety kayakers are world class paddlers who adeptly pilot their kayaks through the rapid ahead of the raft. When the rafts flip upside down or people are washed overboard, they are nearby to help in getting people back to their boats.

Professional guides offer training to the crew members on all the aspects of rafting

The activity begins slowly for a few meters and the guides train the crew on all the aspects of rafting. The river becomes much more adventures at Bujagali Falls and one major rapid follow swiftly after another for most of the morning. At Itanda, the rafts are so strong and rough, and rafters are not allowed to pass through them and so the rafts are taken around the top by land. The rapids range from grade 1-5, and at each raft, the guide gives an option of whether you want to go the hard way (straight through the rapids) or easy way (around the edge of the rapids).

Rapids rafted on the Nile range is graded 1-5

The grading of the rapids rafted on this stretch of the Nile range from 1-5. At each of the larger (higher graded) rapids you are given the option of whether you want to go the hard way (through the middle) or the easy way (around the edge). The decision is based on the majority team members and you need to paddle in the right way or else you might take the wrong direction.

With Adrift Uganda, Breakfast is usually served before the activity; lunch is on board and at the end of the activity barbecue and some Uganda beverages are served. Half day rafting is $125 per person and full day rafting is $140 per person.

Price per person half day rafting $125, full day $140, please inquire for many other water sports activities with one of our Manya Africa Tours experts.