Experience the big cats close like never before

Predator populations are rapidly declining. We are working hard to save them!

Lions, leopards, and hyenas are among the most popular charismatic mega fauna in the world. Unfortunately, their populations have declined significantly over the years, due mainly to the growing needs of an expanding human population. Habitat loss due to human settlement and agriculture development, loss of prey population, and retaliatory killing by humans following livestock depredation are their main threats throughout Africa.

Exciting Lion Tracking Experience with Veterinary team

The Uganda Carnivore Program is dedicated to the monitoring, research, and conservation of predators in Uganda. Our current focus is primarily in the northern sector of Uganda’s Queen Elizabeth National Park. We are working hard to find solutions for both the wildlife and the people of this area. 

“We take you on this exciting Lion Tracking experience and follow the veterinary team during their daily work”.